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Alcedonia is a beautiful three-story, 4 bedroom, 4 bath beach home located just a stone's throw from the beach on the emerald coast of Alabama just outside of Gulf Shores in the Kiva Dunes golf community. Completed in 2003, Alcedonia features a custom floorplan designed to ensure that you feel at home while feeling far away from everyday life. You can feel the gentle ocean breezes from the spacious decks and hear the gentle cascade of the shimmering ocean waves.

The name, Alcedonia, comes from a lover's story from Greek mythology. Ceyx was the king of Thessaly and his wife, Alcyone, was the daughter of the king of the winds. They were deeply in love and never wanted to be parted.

To honor a love so true, upon their untimely, early deaths the gods turned Alcyone and Ceyx into kingfisher birds, known as the "Halcyon" in Greek. They would live forever in love and in happiness together by the beautiful azure waters. Zeus then commanded that for seven days during the winter, the seas would remain perfectly calm and no winds would blow so that Alcyone could build her nest on the waters. Each year, these days are known as "Halcyon days" or the Latin, alcedonia, regarded as days of peace and happiness.

Come and spend time at Alcedonia and you are certain to find your own special days of peace, happiness, and tranquility.