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During the day, and more commonly at night, visitors to the Ft. Morgan area are able to see some of the many offshore drilling rigs that share the coastal waters with us. Our visitors often wonder what these rigs are drilling for and how far out they are. To imagine how big these rigs appear while at Alcedonia, stretch your arm out in front of you and pretend you're pinching something that is between 1/4" and 1/2" tall. That's about how big they'll appear to you when you get here.

Thanks to much of the data available from the U.S. government's Mineral Management Service (MMS), we've created a map of the locations of these offshore rigs using Google Maps software. In addition, clicking on a rig will bring up information about the rig, including the owner, distance to shore and the depth of the water at the rig site. Rigs displayed greyed out are non-operational rigs, but ones that still exist in the Gulf and would be visible to the beachgoer. Larger icons represent some of the major complexes in the Gulf waters. Note that not all Gulf coast rigs are displayed, but rather just those that our guests may see at Alcedonia. If you have comments or updates to this data, please feel free to contact us.